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Weigh Suite V2 Core Features


(Screenshot source: WeighSuite V2.0)

The WeighSuite Application consists of installable stations, a database and main application and was developed to make it configurable in every way once installed.

Weigh Suite allows the Client to define custom attributes in the system that can be made required or optional during the weigh process. Each attribute can be configured to be a dropdown with predefined values or just a numeric or string value amongst other. Once installed the Client will be assisted by our staff to configure attributes and create the transaction slip.

In order to follow two tier design principles, the application was developed in such a manner that more than one WeighSuite application can talk to a single (Weigh) Station. In essence, Weigh Suite was developed in such a way that the Hardware (called Stations) is loosely coupled from the rest of the system and can be accessed via a browser or REST request. New Stations can be easily added and allows Weigh Suite to integrate with almost any weigh bridge.

The following Hardware Stations can be configured in the Weigh Suite Application:

  • Relays that communicates with Booms and Traffic Signals.
  • Cameras that can take photos during, before or after a transaction is initiated.
  • Security Beams that will not allow one to complete a transaction if the beam is broken.
  • Access control Tags to allow the system to create a transaction without an operator being present.


(Screenshot source: WeighSuite V2.0)

The WeighSuite application can perform Receive, Dispatch, Single Weigh as well as Axle Weighing transactions amongst other. Receive and Dispatch is configurable and can connect to different Weigh Stations but be completed as a single transaction.

In addition to Transactional Weighing the application can seamlessly switch to and from Axle Weighing during Transactional Weighing.

The following core features can be outlined:

  • Products, Clients and Pallets is configured and can be setup with default values.
  • The Transaction is broken up into Weigh 1 and Weigh 2 wil business rules governing each weigh action
  • Photos are taken, Relays can be Opened or Closed and Security checks performed during weighing
  • After each weigh a weigh slip is produced that is fully configurable.
  • Historic transactions can be easily re-printed.

Latest Updates

Our Portal development is almost completed and the Client will soon be able to view Transactions on a Web based browser and setup Products, Client and more.


(Screenshot source: WeighSuite V2.0)

Security is managed via Roles and Functions in the WeighSuite applications that allow the Client to assifgn a certain responsibility in the system to a specific user without compromising the data in the application.

One example might be to allow the weigh bridge operator to only perform weigh function thus limiting the latter operator to say change products or pallet weight.

Security functions can be setup in the system and the Client has the option to add and remove users in order to revoke access to say an operator that is no longer employed by the Client.


(Screenshot source: WeighSuite V2.0)

Audit logs are created to log any interaction with the Stations or transactions performed in the system.


(Screenshot source: WeighSuite V2.0)

WeighSuite produces transactional slip reports as well as axle slip reports once a weigh transaction is completed and can be printed to a dot matrix or laser printer.

In addition to the transactional slips the Client can print Client, Product or Pallet based reports that is pre installed or has the option to create custom reports when required.