We develop and sell the Software that;
manages your Commercial Weigh Bridges;
provides you with the technology to monitor your commercial devices such as Farm Bins (or Silos) and
have the skills to build custom software that includes blockchain development!

How Can BlackBee Software Help You?

Up to date BlackBee Software (Pty) Ltd has installed software are various Commercial Weigh Bridges and monitors a vast amount of Silo's in the agricultural industry in South Africa with a presence in every Province.

In addition, we have support teams in every Province in South Africa to assist should you require immediate assistance!

WeighSuite V2.0

WeighSuite integrates with almost any weighbridge using our Weigh Translator Service.

Our Weigh Application Integrates with Cameras, Security Beams, Access Tags and Relays to enable the application to open or close a boom or change a traffic signal's light when a transaction is performed.

Our software enables one to create custom properties for each transaction that allows our clients to fully take control of the data they wish to capture and print on the slip!

The software can perform Receive, Dispatch, Single Weigh as well as Axle Weighing amongst other!

(Screenshot: WeighSuite V2 Application)

Bin Monitoring (Iotx)

Iotx Bin Monitoring Portal integrates with almost any silo using our Weigh Translator Service and Hardware unit that is installed locally on site.

We can monitor the Weight of the Feed in the Silo or how much liquid is in a container amongst other.

The data is transferred securely to our Portal where it is analysed and presented to the end user in a web based interface that can run on a mobile device, iPad or browser.

(Screenshot: Iotx Portal)

Custom Development and Integration

Our clients often require data and/or software integration with their existing system once our software is installed.

In addition, our clients might require new software all together. Our very capable Software Team will create a scope of works document and perform the development once the scope of works is agreed upon.

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Blockchain Development

BlackBee is a certified member of the BlockChain council and have gained a lot of experience in the field of crypto currencies and blockchain development.

We are currenlty developing a Block Chain application that will run on the Ethereum Network using smart contracts so watch this space!

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