We develop and sell the Software that
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Iotx Bin Monitoring


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The diagram outlines the core system functions that consists of:

  • Data Monitoring System or Hardware Device;
  • Communication Gateway and
  • Web Portal.

Data Monitoring

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The data monitoring system consists of a programmable micro controller housed inside a IP68 box that is capable to interact with- and interpret the data read from any amount of sensors attached to it.

The system is installed on-premis near the objects that must be monitored.

It reads a configuration file (created by the technician via the web portal) that is automatically downloaded onto the system when it starts the first time.

The data monitoring system interprets the configuration file and instructs the sensors when and how to read data and saves it briefly in memory.

It uploads the data in memory to a central database at configurable intervals using GPRS or Wi-Fi technology.

The system requires 7-30 Volt for optimal opertation.

Communication Gateway

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Communication Gateway is software that runs on a server hosted by IotX and accepts the requests (GPRS or Wi-Fi) sent from the data monitoring system.

The Gateway uses REST and JSON technology to keep it as light weight and data efficient as possible.

The Gateway stores the raw data into a database and verifies that the data sent to it can only be from sensors that belongs to the solution.

Web Portal

(Screenshot source: Iotx Portal)

The web portal is a website that is accessed by both the farmer and the feed company via a username and password.

The web portal presents the data in various formats such as charts, tables and reports.

The farmer uses the web portal to view the data captured by the sensors and compares the information with his own records.

Forecasting capability to predict when feed will run out to assist with route planning and decision making.

The web portal sends out emails based on predefined alerts created by both the farmer and/or feed company.

Web Portal

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The following benefits can be outline for the Farmer:

  • Use the system to monitor feed weight in the silo from his phone or office without having to climb on a silo to guess the quantity.
  • The farmer can relax with regards to ordering in time as he/she has the backing of the feed company to warn him/her in time that feed is running out.
  • The farmer can use the data and charts to verify his own calculations or to calibrate / bench mark other systems.
  • Receives alerts in the form of emails to limit theft when feed is taken from the silo during non feed times.
  • Verify delivery quantities by comparing the delivery slip weight amounts with the actual quantities captured by the system.
  • Integration with additional sensors such as temperature and humidity helps to better understand past feed conditions.
  • When feed is delivered farmer does not have to be present any longer.

The following benefits can be outline for the Feed Supplier:

  • Use the system to monitor feed quantities at his client, the farmer that leads to better service. The feed company can pro-actively monitor the weight of the feed in the silo and phone their client when feed is required.
  • The feed company can do better route planning because they know what type of feed and when feed delivery will be required.
  • The feed company can use predictive analysis provided by the portal to know exactly how much feed will be required on delivery date in order to fill the silo to capacity without the risk of wastage.
  • Integration with additional sensors such as temperature and humidity will assist the feed company with quality control measures to better understand at what conditions feed was stored at.
  • Order quantities are 100% accurate when using the system compared to often inaccurate estimates the farmer uses when ordering feed.
  • Day / Night (anytime) delivery of stock.