The company was born 6 years ago by Riaan Mastenbroek when we successfully built and donated a system that monitors water temperature and flow for a children's home in Cape Town.

Since inception we are an innovative internet of things company that now monitors various devices and sensors such as bins, temperature, humidity light, gas etc. In addition we have expanded our offering to include a full Weigh Suite product that is currently installed at various weigh bridge sites in South Africa. We recently started developing blockchain solutions that will soon reach the market.

BlackBee Software (Pty) Ltd recently partnered with Massamatic (Pty) Ltd that now owns 50% of the company stake that allowed us to expand our offering and support to have the backing of a trusted installer and reseller of weighbridges, digital indicators, platform scales, hopper scales, silo scales and pallet truck scales to manage and oversee the on premis (Premisis) installations.